Professor Bigo’s has coordinated various research projects with funding hosted and managed by several research institutions including CERI at Sciences Po,Centres d’Etudes sur les Conflits Liberty and Security and King’s College London.


  • The programme AESIF 2013 is a research funded under the DIME-SHS of Sciences-Po-PRES. It develops a quali quantitative methodology through web crawling in order to analyse the impact of the European policing in terms of societal security and the perceptions of this impact by citizen, media and activists
  • The programme PRES-Cité 2013-2014 on Migration et contrôle des frontières : approche comparée Brésil-Union Européenne : workshops and doctoral supervision in host institution


  • Didier Bigo has been the scientific coordinator the programme CHALLENGE (2004-2009). The research of the field of security in Europe has been continued from 2010 through the group of   SUERTE at CERI and the seminar of the Center for study of conflicts liberty and security (ccls)

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 King’s College London

  • The programme SOURCE (Virtual centre of excellence for research support and coordination on societal security) is a Network of Excellence (NoE) Call identifier: FP7-SEC-2012-1 Topic: SEC-2012.7.4-2- Network of Excellence Coordinator: J. Peter Burgess. Didier Bigo is leader of the partner 9 and contribute to different Workpackages.  January 2014- Decembre 2018 see SOURCE
  • The programme SAPIENT (smart surveillance practices and privacy impact assessment). has been a 36-month collaborative project that is expected to provide strategic knowledge on the state of the art of surveillance studies, emerging smart surveillance technologies, and the adequacy of the existing legal framework.  In addition to addressing these core research goals, the project will entail the development and validation of scenarios around future smart surveillance systems, and will apply the best elements of existing PIA (privacy impact assessment) methodologies to construct a surveillance related PIA framework. This project is co-funded by the European Commission, DG Enterprise under Grant 261698. Leader Franhofer. Didier Bigo is leader of workpackage 1 (KCL)
  • Professor Bigo has been the co-organiser of the ESRC seminar conference series. In collaboration with Ian Loader (U of Oxford, criminology) and Mike Williams (U of Aberyswith), they have obtained a grant for the New Economy of Security Seminar Series. The first seminar was held in Aberyswith on 22 November 2006, the second seminar was on 24 of January 2007 in Oxford, and the third seminar on 4 May 2007 at King’s College London.

Center for study of conflicts

  • Director the Center for study of conflicts (Centre d’Etudes sur les Conflits : Cultures et Conflits, C&C). The Center is a non profit organisation (association loi 1901). The Center created in 1990 in order to publish the quarterly journal Cultures et Conflits with benevolents is now a well known research center. It has different fundings coming from Ministry of Defense, Interior, Justice, EC Commission, CNRS, CNL.
  • See the website  CCLS.EU