2016 Conferences

2016_12_12 : SEMINAIRE RESO-JE3-CERI-Ecole Doctorale. : Prévention, Précaution, Prédiction

10h-12h : Bigo Didier – Réflexivité sur les lois sur le renseignement et le

rôle des oversight, retour réflexif.

Invités : Ariel Colonomos : Directeur de Recherche CNRSCERI : « la politique des oracles. Raconter le futur aujourd’hui »

14h-16h Data Mining et modèles prédictifs.

Anna Pappa et Jaziri Rakia du parcours:Informatique MIASHS: Big Data et Fouille

des Données LIASD – UFR MITSIC – Université Paris 8.

16h30-18h30 : Predictive policing modelisation : Bilel Benbouzid du Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire, Science, Innovation et Société (LISIS) Maître de conférences en sociologie à l’Université Paris Est, Marne-la-Vallée


2016-11-28-: SEMINAIRE RESO-JE2 CERI-Ecole doctorale- International Workshop sur le contrôle des services de renseignements avec le partenariat de Queen Mary University-et ULIP : Réunion publique et colloque fermé.

28 November 2016

Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Keynote: The democratic and effective oversight of national security services


*29 November 2016- Ecole doctorale- colloque under Chattham House rules- 26 participants from Europe- Practitioners and Academics

Panel 1: Inscribing in law oversight powers in respect of intelligence services

Panel 2: Supervising the activities of intelligence services

Panel 3: Human and fundamental rights challenges

Panel 4 Redress and the Supranational

Report available



Workshop organised by Dr Claudia Aradau and Dr Lucile Maertens

18th November 2016 – KCL War Studies Seminar Room K6.07

Bigo Didier  intervention on the future of critical security studies


*2016-10-17-RESO1_UTIC : International Workshop: European intelligence in light of the Snowden paradox CERI- École doctorale, Sciences Po Paris – 17 October 2016

This international workshop at Sciences Po’s doctoral school and CERI gathered a dozen of researchers and experts of national surveillance laws in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The aim was to share insights regarding ongoing national surveillance reforms and offer a preliminary assessment of the effect of the Snowden controversies on the practices of intelligence agencies, their use of surveillance technologies, their relationship with the judiciary and military as well as processes of transnational cooperation in the intelligence field. Chattham House rules for discussion- Report available

1-Intelligence reform and the Snowden Paradox: The French Intelligence Act and the legalisation of large-scale surveillance – Félix Tréguer (CERI-SciencesPo)

2-Surveillance, intelligence and oversight : What are the changes with the Investigative Power Bill in the UK ? – Thomas Rid (King’s College London)

3- Mid-legislative scrutiny of German intelligence reform: Too little control for too much digital power? – Thorsten Wetzling (Stiftung Neue Verantwortung)



*2016-09-14-Source-Utic: International Workhop Security Professionals : Trajectories, fields dynamics, symbolic capital –

14 September 2016, Sciences Po, 56 Rue de Jacob, Paris

Organisé par CERI Sciences Po – SOURCE King’s College London

Roundtable 1 (11.00-12.30) Extracting data and visualising traces of a security field: Switzerland and EU

Alex Twafick : a security field between Switzerland and EU ?

Monique Jo-Berli (University of Geneva / Sciences Po Paris) “Identifying humanitarian security managers”

Félix Tréguer (Sciences Po Paris)“Mapping the controversies about surveillance in the digital space: experiments and perspectives”

Discussants: Audrey Baneyx (Sciences Po) Tugba Basaran (Princeton University)

Roundtable 2 (14.00-15.30)  Analysing the genesis and positions of actors

Stephan Davidshofer (University of Geneva) “Field(s) of security in Switzerland, lessons for the debate of national, EU and transnational fields

Médéric Martin-Mazé (Paris 8 / KCL) “The position of the professionals of societal security in the European bureaucratic field: a socio-genesis of ESRAB and ESRIF”

Emmanuel Pierre Guittet (CCLS) “Rethinking methods for critical security studies” numéro special Cultures et Conflits  (https://conflits.revues.org/19260).

Discussants: Antonin Cohen (Rennes 1), and Didier Georgakakis (Paris – La Sorbonne)

Roundtable 3 (15.45-17.15)

Field dynamics of security and transnational connections

Christian Olsson (ULB) and Mathias Delori (Bordeaux) “Professional trajectories of military personnel and colonial know how in their contemporary practices and discourses”

Bigo Didier  (Sciences-Po) “Centrifugal or centripetal forces? The role of transnational guilds in the structuration of fields of power”, which is based on his contribution to the 2016 volume International political sociology: transversal lines

Discussants: Claudia Aradau (KCL) and David Swartz (Boston university)

Keynote lecture (17.30-19.00) by David Swartz (Boston University)

Symbolic Power: Implications for field analysis



panel: Transnational Threats and Global Terror: New State Responses.

The Mobius strip of national and world security; the emergence of an electronic reason of state?

Bigo Didier  : KCl-War Studies- Sciences-Po Paris


2016- 05-17– Ronald Deibert- Citizen lab

visit to establish collaboration between the Citizen Lab and the ANR UTIC- Future conference probably in October-November 2017 in paris- focus group- exchange of information and documents-


2016-05-11-14 Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS) / Association Canadienne des Études sur les Réfugiés et la Migration Forcée (ACERMF)  9ème conférence : FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT:Exploring a Path from Armed Conflict, Persecution, and Forced Migration to Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, and Development



Introduction/Announcements: Stephanie Stobbe, Chair of CARFMS 2016, Menno Simons; College/University of Winnipeg

Chair: James C. Simeon, Associate Professor, Director of the School of Public Policy and Administration, York University

Refugees and EU and North American Border Controls: Nobody Responsible? The Discourse of Fate

Bigo Didier , King’s College London and MCU Research Professor, Sciences-Po Paris

Elspeth Guild, Jean Monnet Professor ad personam in Law, Radboud University Nijmegen, and  Professor of Law, Queen Mary University, London


Lorne Waldman, LLM, Waldman and Associates, Adjunct Professor, Osgood Hall Law Schools and University of Ottawa Law School

*Panel: Research meeting

Lessons from Maher Arar case- Laws on Intelligence services- possible reforms



2016-04-2124-Barcelona-7th CSSN- Congress Surveillance Society Network

panel with Laurent Bonelli, Felix Treguer, Elspeth Guild,

Panel presenting the first results of the RESO group – collaboration between CERI and Paris Ouest Nanterre- Laurent Bonelli, Felix Treguer, Elspeth Guild & Didier Bigo

5eyes+ under scrutiny : the visibilisation of the transnational flows of sensitive information by the guild of the transatlantic SIGINT agencies and their private partners.

Didier Bigo & Elspeth Guild : The paradoxical effects of post snowden collaboration : analysing the transnational acquisition of data based on the circulation worldwide of data of citizen of other countries in regard to national security debates and imperatives.

Felix Treguer : Law on Intelligence in France

Laurent Bonelli : High tech and Low tech : how intelligence services are using computerisation and style of reasoning differently



2016-04-13-16- CODER ET DECODER LA FRONTIERE A L’AUBE DU 21ème siècle

organisé par Anrea Rea-ULB

Keynote lecture : Bigo Didier  (King’s College, London-CERI-ScPo), Reconceptualising boundaries differently from Westphalian model ? The practices of border, police and military controls and the trends of delocalisation and digitisation



ISA’s 57th Annual Convention 16th – 19th, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia

*PWK11- Conflict expertise : Anna Leander- Ole waever

Bigo Didier   When security « ultra solutions » are producing insecurity and expand conflicts: The case of  anti-terrorist measures and the expertises acting in the name of Charlie.

*the social life of data


2016-03-22-Tyranny of the Algorithm? Predictive Analytics & Human Rights


Predictive Analytics for Policing “Violent Extremism”

Moderator: Samuel Rascoff – Professor, NYU Law School

Speakers: Bigo Didier  – Professor, King’s College, London; Research Professor (MCU) Sciences Po Paris

Faiza Patel – Co-Director, Liberty and National Security Program, Brennan Center for Justice, NYU School of Law


2016-02-20 Collège Européen de Bruges. “Refugee Crisis” − “EU Crisis”? Causes, Consequences, Call for Action

Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies

Roundtable entre les professeurs du collège et les étudiants à l’initiative de Bigo Didier


2016-02-05-07-BERLIN-FESTIVAL Transmediale/

conversation piece : Freedom and surveillance

with Bigo Didier  – Dissemination- Amphitheater- 1200 persons